Artist Bio

Suzanne Groothuis is a Brussels based artist from Dutch origin. She started her career after obtaining her Bachelors degree in Scenography and Visual Arts at Academy Minerva in Groningen. Her main focus in her starting period were theatre and scenography complimented with courses in visual arts. Between 2008 and 2010 she developed two interactive solo performances for the Jonge Harten Festival, she created the scenography for the dance performances “Friction” by choreographer Ola Mechiejewska, for dance performance ”Bearing Signs” by choreographer Gizem Bilgen, and for the music-theatre Performance “Zoet en Wreed” that was created for the Terug Naar Het Begin festival. She also designed the festival settings for the Open Day of Grand Theatre and for the International
Rotterdam Film Festival in Groningen.
After making her first art installation for the NwBM festival and a photo exhibition in Café Kult in 2010 she started to shift more towards visual arts and made installations for toddlers for festival 2 Turven Hoog Almere and had a shared exhibition of art installations in collaboration with artist Ingrid Rollema at Museum Willem van Haren Heerenveen.
During this period she also followed a one year training for artists to develop art-workshops for schools at the BIK Opleiding in Groningen.
In 2011 Suzanne moved to Brussels where she started a 6 years complementary artist degree in Interactive Media Art at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Anderlecht.
Since then she has designed the scenography for choreographer Renan Martins De Oliveira for his graduation piece at P.A.R.T.S., scenography for “The Intruder” by Compagnie OffRoad, created the light design for two exhibitions made by ‘Cast Lead’ and directed multiple short films for Muntpunt in collaboration with Tom Van der Velpen.
In 2014 she started an extensive research to the different perceptions and experiences of peace and tranquility and processed the results in a video installation project called ‘Peace Unique’ that covered multiple spaces in cultural centre H30.
In 2015 this project was followed up by the creation of 5 installations in the streets of Brussels, for the organization Citizenne, which will give people the chance to take a little break put their ‘Head in the Cloud’ and notice something beautiful in there direct surroundings.
In 2016 and 2017 Suzanne designed the settings for the festivals of Passpartoe, Citizenne and Les Tailleurs.
At the moment she is working on the “Kaleidosoon”, an art installation based on sound for which she is collaborating with “Overtoon”. Together with physical artist Mille Lundt and musician Johan Segerberg, she is developing “Slipping and Sliding”. This will be an art installation and performance which combines art, movement and sound in a piece about the moment when things are slipping away from us.
Three times per year she travels to Gaza in Palestine for the Hope-Foundation to work with local artists and war-traumatised children. By giving workshops to these children and filming both the proces as the results she creates art movies that inspire other children as well as anyone working with children to keep playing and making art.