Costume FULL HD

A special Gameboy costume for the performance FULL HD by Doble Mandoble


Doble Mandoble draws inspiration from trashumanism to trasnport us to a not very distant future, where our biological limits will be “Enhanced” thanks to the technological advances.
Through the use of Circus and physical theatre , the audience is encouraget to reflect on multiple questions : How will the technological advances fit in our everyday life? Are we running the risk of loosing what defines us as humans? What will be the new scale of values and hopes of this new human being trasnformed by the use of technology? A reflection that refers to the very essence of being human, approached with a deep sense of humour.
Doble Mandoble present a show with impressive visual effects and a masterful technical control of disciplines such as magic, acrobatics, dance and digital art converging in a witty and poetic performance.

Concept and script: Luis Javier y Miguel Angel Córdoba
Performance: Luis Javier y Miguel Angel Córdoba
Director: Ezra moreno
Music and sound fx: Borja Burón
Interactive video: Aurelien Merceron y Borja Burón
Scenography: Thyl Beniest
Lighting design: Thyl Beniest
Costumes: Suzanne Groothuis & Patty Eggerickx
Magic instructor: Adrian Soler
Administration: Manuela Leone
Production: Doble Mandoble
Coproduced by: Federation Wallonie Bruxelles, La Venerie, Espace Catastrophe, La Cascade, La Roseraie, Latitud 50, CCBW, Wolubilis y Ciate.