Face Projection – Which Portrait Are You?

FaceProjection is a reaction to the many useless test that pass by any user on Facebook these days (which movie character are you / which city would suit you bets, etc.). In the same time it brings a certain awareness about what could happen with your private information if you sign up for these kind of things.

Visitors could come to a small photo studio to find out which famous portrait from art history they would be. To participate they first had to sign in to an app before they could take place in the chair. While having their eyes closed they would hear different pieces of music out of which they had to choose their favourite.
Each musical piece was linked to a painting (both were created in the same year and geographical region) so therefore, by picking the music they also picked a portrait.

What they informed of was that between the portraits that were projected on their faces, there were also split seconds of other images that were going to be used for another goal.


A few weeks after participating they first received a short movie of their chosen portrait, followed by 3 separate emails containing commercials with their faces in it.