BeeHome Academy

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The BeeHome Academy is a project from the Hope Foundation that uses film and new media to provide children in the diaspora with art and games. We hope to provide tools that motivate to create, think creatively and keep their cultures alive.
Currently the Hope Foundation is working in Gaza (Palestine) and in Jordan with children in refugee scamps to create a series of short films. The children visualize traditional stories using techniques from different art disciplines (for example: shadow theater, land art, puppet theatre, etc). In addition to the final films, the making process is also being filmed. This process results in a short film telling a traditional story and a collection of “Do It Yourself” movies. Though watching these movies, children in other camps can enjoy these stories and learn new techniques to create new things by themselves.
By offering the option to film and share your own creations we bring children from any refugee camp around the world in touch with each other. Thus, with BeeHome, we provide a platform where children, through the arts, can discover, play, connect and exchange.
Three times per year I travel to Gaza For BeeHome to work with the local children and artists. Together we continue making new films for this growing project. The official launch of BeeHome will take place in the summer of 2018

The BeeHome Academy is an initiative of the Holland Office for Personal Encouragement in close collaboration with the PRCS (Palestinian Red Crescent Society), the Open Studio in Khan Younis Gaza and is generously supported by The Dutch Red Cross, the Groenendijkfonds, the Roberto Cimetta Fund and private donations.

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Our first film

One of the many DIY movies