OriVolution is a collaboration with CIE OFF ROAD

OriVolution is a visual performance for the urban space. It will show the evolutionary journey of humankind from cell formation to a proposed futuristic image of how the future will continue to test our flexibility and adaptation.
For this performance we will research the physical adaption of humans in a changeable setting which represents our environmental surroundings.

Coming from visual art, physical performance and audible soundscape we move as singular expressions as well as crossing over into a collective expression.

We are now reaching out to new partners. At the moment we are looking for co-productions, workspace to build the installation and residencies to work on the physical part of the performance throughout 2018/2019. We estimate the premiere to take place Automn 2019.

Concept : Suzanne Groothuis and Mille Lundt
Performers : Suzanne Groothuis, Mille Lundt and Johan Segerberg
Installation : Suzanne Groothuis
Choreograph : Mille Lundt
Composer and musician : Johan Segerberg
Choreographic advise : Jean Baptiste André
Directing assistent: Samuel Gustavsson
Dramaturgical assistant : Bauke Lievens

Partners : Theater Op De Markt, Dommelhof, MiraMiro, Latitude 50, Kulturkaffee, CCBW, Cité Culture, Sydhavn Teater, Festival de Chassepierre, Ancien Carmel

Production : Cie Off Road and Suzanne Groothuis

See also www.cie-offroad.com