PeaceUnique is an art project that is created through people’s experiences and thoughts about the concept of “peace”.

Why Peace?
At first: In our project we refer to peace as some kind of mental state, the political sense of the word is much less of importance to our context.

Though it might be in many different ways, peace is a subject that appeals to everyone. The search for peace in our daily lives is something we can all connect to. On the other hand we see that the lack of peace is the start of many problems and frustrations, not only in our own lives but in society as well.
With this project we hope to create more awareness over the subject of personal peace, an awareness that comes from within the people. Therefor we are not here to preach, we are listening and trying to bring the concept of peace to life.
What fascinates us most about this subject is to discover a new way to exhibit how different and yet how alike we all are!

Our search for stories about personal peace consisted of interviewing and filming 25 different people (from different ages , backgrounds , careers , believes). Now we have collected all the stories and thoughts we will share them through an art-exhibition in H30 Artistic workspace in Malines (Belgium). As a centerpiece of this exhibition we want to build an interactive installation in which the experiences and stories are re-created in form and design. This provides the audience with a chance to experience “peace” at first hand.

The first exhibition of PeaceUnique took place on the 18th, 19th and 20th of april 2014 in H30, Hanswijkstraat 30, 2800 Malines (Mechelen).

Missed it? Take the photo tour here!

Creators of PeaceUnique: Suzanne Groothuis and Justine Matov
In cooperation with: H30 artistieke werkplek (, Cultureel Centrum Mechelen
Great thanks to the 25 people who were so open to collaborate with us, and the many generous crowdfunders.

Article from De Streekkrant Mechelen.