Artistic Statement

By choosing to study scenography not at a theatre-school but at an art academy Suzanne Groothuis found herself in a perfect balance between theatre, performance and visual arts. Her theatrical background is manifested in her interest for creating experiences and images that are always in movement, evolve with time and that are in need of human interaction. It also makes that she sees great value in collaborating with artists from all disciplines and is open to work with a wide range of different materials.
Her visual art links strongly to social themes which are translated into subtle, open installations. She achieves this by taking small, forgotten normalities out of the rush of life. By using them in art she gives them a focus-point and a moment of reflection.
This concept also comes back in her use of materials where she likes to search for ways to reshape common materials into surprising new forms that give the material a new found value.
Living in Brussels she takes inspiration from the daily struggles by both the multitude of different social groups living side by side in the city, as well as by the young generation who are constantly readapting themselves to the fast social changes of this decade.
In the early days of her artistic career she has gained separate experience in scenography, visual arts, film and photography which now gives her the skills to fuse all these disciplines together in a perfect ratio for every new art-piece and to transfer this knowledge trough artistic workshops.