The Intruder

Settings for the performance ‘Intruder’ by Compagnie Offroad.
Premiere: 16.03.2016, Festival UP – MCCS – Brussels

“The Intruder” is a multi disciplinary performance that mixes the physical act of circus and dance set in a theatrical frame.

Through the performance, we look upon society today, where the lack of shelter or a real home, is still a need for many people. The performance is an extract of reality, and unfolds in a universe, that goes close to a true event that happened in the year 2008 in Japan; A man lives a solitary and dis-organized life in his little apartment. Suddenly, objects starts to be placed differently, every day, insidiously, the food disappears, broken objects are mysteriously being repaired. Little by little, the man starts to be suspicious. A ghost? Hallucinations? One day the truth is being revealed: A homeless woman has broken into his home and has lived in his wardrobe for one year. An unusual encounter that turns the life of two strangers upside down.

Concept: Luis Javier Cordoba & Mille Lundt
Director: Gaëlle Bisselach-Roig
Performers: Luis Javier Cordoba & Mille Lundt
Scenography, costume & trailer: Suzanne Groothuis
Composer: Johan Segerberg
Light: Thyl Beniest

Off Road

Supported by:
BIJ (BE) CCBW (BE) Statens Kunstfond (DK)

Centre Culturel Du Brabant Wallon (BE), La Roseraie (BE), Chateau Du Monthelon (FR), La Maison De La Création (BE), Cité Culture (BE), Espace Catastrophe (BE)